Warranty: Registering your product will validate your two year warranty. This is especially pivotal if you have “misplaced” your owners manual or do not have a receipt as proof of the purchase date. Once registered, it is part of the company records and now if your product should fail, it will be easy for Customer Service to identify your machine and expedite a solution to the problem.

Recalls: This is an especially important reason to register your new machine. There is a chance that you might miss an important recall, especially if you do not frequent our website. If you register and a component later comes under recall, we will be able to contact you via mail or email to inform you of a recall and the remedy.

Insurance: In the event of loss due to fire, your product registration might come in handy to prove that you owned the product destroyed. If you need to file an insurance claim, you need proof of ownership. Chances are that if you registered your Peter Pugger before your fire, the insurance company will be likely to believe that you did own it at the time of your loss. If your item is stolen, it also provides a record of ownership that may assist you in reclaiming your property if the product is recovered by police.

Technical Assistance: If you need technical assistance with your product, the company has a record of the specific components that were incorporated into your machine. They will be able to assist you much easier because of the information that you provided upon registration. Serial numbers, for instance, are often located on the back of the product.