Double Ball Mill

Innovative design features, including variable speed control (can accommodate a wide range of jar sizes), inverter controlled drive for high electrical efficiency, drop-in slots for quick roller bar change-out, easily accessible roller shaft bands and wrapped in a beautiful Stainless Steel shroud making Peter Pugger’s Double Ball Mill the first choice for small-scale to large-production milling.


MODEL:   5 Quart Jar            

DIM:  8.5″Dia. x 11″Ht.

WT.:  18 lbs.

RETAIL PRICE:       $285/ea.           

MODEL:   3 Gallon Jar            

DIMS:  11.5″Dia. x 14.5″Ht

WT.:   32 lbs

RETAIL PRICE:       $450/ea.   

These deluxe ball mill jars are made of high quality porcelain and are designed to be used in conjunction with the Peter Pugger Double Ball Mill. The deluxe jars have a large mouth and thicker walls than standard jars. The capacity stated is the liquid capacity of the jar including the recommended amount of alumina grinding media. The deluxe jars come with an end cap and clamp.

BALL SIZE:       1/2″                   

RETAIL PRICE:     $10/lb.                               

QUANTITY PER LB.:   100ea./lb.

 BALL SIZE:       3/4″                   

RETAIL PRICE:     $10/lb.                               

QUANTITY PER LB.:   30ea./lb.

BALL SIZE:       1″                   

RETAIL PRICE:     $10/lb.                               

QUANTITY PER LB.:   15ea./lb.

BALL SIZE:       1 1/4″                   

RETAIL PRICE:     $10/lb.                               

QUANTITY PER LB.:   7ea./lb.

These white alumina grinding balls are non-contaminated and assure thorough mixing and grinding. Typically a ball mill jar is filled with 55% grinding balls (equivalent to a combination of 3-5 lbs. of each size).


  • Jar Capacity: 3″ diameter min. diameter up to 18″ max. diameter
  • Dimensions: 36″L x 17″W x 15″H
  • Crated Weight: 80 lbs. (Ships UPS/FED EX Ground)
  • Pug Size: 3″ round
  • Electrical: 1/3 HP 1-phase, 6 amps at 120 volts, 4 amps at 240V
  • Options: 3-phase, 50hz and other motors are available on special orders.