"Clam Shell" Raku Kiln











Introducing Peter Pugger’s new Clam Shell raku kiln. Utilizing years of history and a plethora of design improvements, this truly mobile raku kiln is designed for efficient, easy, one person operation. No need to worry about lifting a heavy chamber over red-hot kiln shelves or damaging product as a result. Simply split the kiln in two, allowing quick access to the kiln shelves. The fully insulated fiber walls and a soft brick floor allows the kiln to heat and cool rapidly, eliminating the need to preheat. Roll the kiln to a safe location, complete a firing cycle within 30-45 minutes and roll it back into storage. It’s that simple!  
Constructed from high temperature fiber in a laser cut and formed metal frame. The sides fold down to offer unparalleled access to the hot ware. One person can easily fire this kiln, load and unload it without assistance. Insulating firebrick in a welded steel frame form the base of the kiln. Because of the fiber walls and soft brick base, the kiln heats and cools rapidly (eliminates the need to preheat). An entire heating cycle takes approximately 30-45 minutes using a propane tank and burner. The folding sides are made of sheet metal and angle iron. The sides hinge from the base and are lined with 1″inch thick ceramic fiber. Two vent holes on top of the kiln can be covered to allow control of the firing. Large “peep” holes on two sides give easy visibility into the kiln to inspect the cones and for thermocouple placement. The kiln is fired with a 75,000 BTU venturi burner in a fixed cradle. Modular construction allows easy storage or transportation. With the added casters the kiln can be moved in and out storage. The optional thermocouple safety shut-off system and pilot light provide a safe and reliable gas supply system.  

Laser Formed Frame: Steel base and sides laser formed, welded and high temp coated for durability.  2ea.- 8″ diameter industrial wheels mounted for easy maneuverability. High Temp Brick: The kiln base is lined with 2,300 degree soft brick Burner: 75,000 BTU Burner MR-750 Kiln Furniture: 1ea.-5/8″ Thk. (16″ x 16″) Shelf and 3ea.- 4″ posts supplied.  Additional furniture can be supplied upon request. High Pressure Regulator, Pressure Gauge, Gas Valve and 12’ft. Gas Hose included. NOT INCLUDED: PROPANE TANK.  PLEASE NOTE: MINIMUM OF A 7 GALLON TANK (24″L X 12.5″ DIAMETER, 19LB. EMPTY WEIGHT) REQUIRED.  SMALLER TANKS MAY FREEZE OVER DURING FIRING!  
In 1982, a production potter by the name of John Harris began selling a line of raku pots, which generated the demand for a raku kiln. He wanted a firing chamber large enough to accommodate large pieces; it had to provide easy access to the fired pieces and it had to be portable. After taking his idea and requirements to a friend and fabricator, Mike Blackwell, the “Clam Shell” was born. As others showed interest in the Clam Shell design, the need to fabricate and manage the sell of the units become apparent. In turn, John would approach Joe at the Clay Art Center in Tacoma, WA to collaborate on the next generation clam shell raku kiln. Soon, Moses of Clay Art Center would “carry-the-torch” with the design and fabrication of the kiln. As the demand for the Clam Shell continued to grow, there was a need to find a manufacturer capable of supplying the kilns at a production level. Clay Art Center would approach Peter Pugger in hopes of keeping the “torch lit” in the ongoing expansion and production of the kiln. Peter Pugger is both honored and proud to carry on a long tradition of a quality raku kiln and hopes to see others benefit from the Clam Shell design.
  • BASO Burner System w/Thermocouple Safety Shut-off System                  $356.85 USD