How is the Pugger-Mixer different from other pugmills?

A Peter Pugger does the job of two machines. Unlike other pugmills that require a separate mixer to prepare the clay, the unique design of these Pugger-Mixers combines the best of both machines into a clay mixing machine with pugmill output. The Power Wedger models also vacuum deair the clay prior to pugging. This eliminates the need for wedging in many applications. The ability to start with powder and/or dry scrap and finish by pugging a uniform batch of moist clay sets Peter Pugger machines apart from all other studio pugmills. Standard with every Peter Pugger Pugger-Mixer is a control switch that automatically shuts off the mixing blades when the hopper door is opened. This prevents the mixing blades from moving while loading clay.

Why is the Pugger-Mixer rated in batch size instead of pounds per hour?

With a Pugger-Mixer, you don’t have to spend hours continually force-feeding like other studio pugmills. Just drop a batch in the large hopper opening and, while the machine mixes, you are free to do something else! In other words, Pugger-Mixers are rated by the size of the batch they can mix. We have estimated mixing and pugging pounds per hour for your convenience in the specifications section of each machine.

Why is batch mixing similar to a washing machine?

Batch mixing is similar to a washing machine because you can throw the whole batch in at once – instead of hand feeding each piece like other pugmills. Peter Pugger batch mixes while you’re free to do something else. All other pugmills require pre-mixed clay and, similar to hand washing, require continuous hand feeding one piece at a time. Batch mixing enables complete recycling, mixing from powder, and blending grog or paper. Batch sizes range from 20 – 185lbs.