Patented Vacuum Technology: Peter Pugger’s patented vacuum deairing technology is why other manufacturers are restricted to using vacuum screens other methods in the design of their pugmills. There are inherent problems with vacuum screens such as: clogging/jamming due to obstructions, vacuum port blockage due to backpressure issues with extruding, maintenance and downtime, inability to mix and pug clay additives, i.e. grog, nylon fiber, exposure to air while in the “vacuum chamber”, and the list goes on.  There are other methods of deairing on the market that Peter Pugger initially tested in the 1980’s.  Deairing a pugmill via holes in the door has inherent problems as well.  The holes get clogged up and create a vacuum seal between the actual door and barrel.  In turn, the pugmill door cannot be opened unless the vacuum plumbing is disassembled. Peter Pugger has eliminated the cumbersome approach altogether.

Peter Pugger evacuates the complete processing chamber during the mixing cycle. Once the vacuum gauge reaches the desired vacuum level, you are guaranteed deaired clay. Simple and maintenance free! If done right, a small vacuum pump is all that is required to effectively deair the clay. Peter Puggers are smooth, quiet and efficient.  Peter Pugger was recently granted additional patents on our vacuum design (Patent Numbers: 4322169, 5716130, 9817541, 10005051).

Paying Attention To The Details: Peter Pugger is constantly finding ways to make reclaiming clay easier. Time spent working on a broken pugmill is time not spent throwing clay. Therefore, Peter Pugger has continued to push the envelope when it comes to “bullet-proofing” our equipment. Our patented chamber design allows us to separate clay processing from the gear drive. In the event a Peter Pugger is over-filled, the excess clay oozes into the void chamber where it can be easily accessed and thrown back into the pugmill. Other pugmill manufacturers overlook this detail by processing clay directly against the gear drive. When over-filled, clay is forced into areas such as bearings and seals. Then it’s the waiting game with “off-shore” replacement parts.

Ergonomics Mounting the controls within reaching distance of the extrusion (clay exit) sounds minor. However, try reaching for the stop button as your processed clay pugs onto the floor. Controller location, as well as a compact and light weight design allows the operator full control of the pugmill at all times. Attention to how much the pugmill weighs and where the weight is distributed on the pugmill is also considered.

Quickest Cycle Times On The Market: Cycle times are dramatically reduced because Peter Pugger is able to deair the clay while it is being mixed. In addition, Peter Pugger’s new Intellectual Mixing Technology enables the pugmill to operate at mixing and pugging speeds several times faster than other pugmills.

Custom Design and Innovation: Peter Pugger is the only pugmill manufacturer with fully integrated capabilities. All Peter Pugger equipment is engineered, manufactured, and assembled right here in Northern California, USA. We have unlimited capabilities to meet the needs of our customers. Our engineering staff is ready to field customer related questions with regards to equipment design. Custom EDM and CNC machines allow us the ability to provide custom die and tile shapes with precision tolerances for the ceramic industry. Plasma cutting, on-site welding, and custom powder coating capabilities (Custom Coatings of Ukiah, A Division of Peter Pugger Mfg) provide unlimited resources in equipment design and production.

World Class Service: Here at Peter Pugger, you come first! Don’t take our word for it, ask our customers. We take great pride in providing the best pugmills in the world. We take greater pride in knowing that the thousands of Peter Pugger customers worldwide are in their schools and studios happily pugging away!

Tile Extrusion: Anybody can slap a tile nozzle on the end of a pugmill. It takes years of development, coupled with hands-on knowledge of the whole tile making process to come up with a machine capable of extruding quality tile. Peter Pugger took the time to do it right. Aligning ourselves with one of the country’s leading tile process engineers and a successful tile production business co-founder, Peter Pugger offers a wide range of tile making equipment- from pugmills and power extruders to tile forming and cutting equipment.