Peter Pugger’s full line of Mixing Pugmills, Ball Mills, Power Extruders, Studio Presses, Kilns and more.


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Whether your a single potter studio, production potter or large school, we have the right equipment for you.

Epoxy, Carbon & Polymer

Special materials require custom equipment.  Heating, automatic cutting, and high compression extrusions.


Our complete line of Stainless Steel equipment offer the food prep industry efficient mixing, deairing and extruding capability.


Taking the recycling of modelling clay to a whole new level.

Tile Making

Years of develop have been incorporated into our tile making machines to provide beautiful field tile, molding and three dimensional configurations.


Hopper loading, mixing, deairing and shearing equipment for DS and single crystal investment casting process improvements.

“With a detailed user guide and some excellent phone support, I was quickly up and running with my new VPM-9 today.  It was simply amazing!  I had perfect results on my very first batch.  I pugged five large bins of reclaimed clay from the wheel and some other dry scrap, mixing together two clay bodies to a PERFECT moisture content for my next throwing session.  This is real ‘water into wine’ stuff!”

“Having this machine has fundamentally changed the way I work” 

“We really love our Peter Pugger Mixing Pugmills.  The addition of the VPM-30 model has been a game changer!   My students are now able to create their own clay bodies to the creamy, smooth consistency they prefer.

“When time is money, and quality means everything…we only have one chance to do things right.  Peter Pugger has provided us with a tile machine that has propelled us into producing ceramic murals and architectural elements.  Our success continues to depend on the clay coming from the Peter Pugger day in and day out.”