VPM-60TE Power Wedger




The Clay Saver combines the capability of batch mixing polymer, epoxy and carbon based materials with the convenience of a pugmill output. All scrap goes right back into the hopper and is recycled, vacuum deaired, heated, and pugged. Currently used in the following industries:






The VPM-60MCE has been able to replace the need for multiple pieces of equipment to reclaim various materials.


Based on the standard VPM-60, the VPM-60MCE has incorporated the additional features to transform the Ultimate Pugmill into the most versatile material recycling machine available:

Batch Mixing Full batch mixing and blending capability allows for thorough mixing and temperature adjustment before extruding.

Variable Speed Control: This allows the operator the ability to speed up or slow down the VPM-60MCE. This is especially useful when post processing is taking place. Because of the back pressure generated by a large amount of material being forced through a small orifice, the speed control allows the operator to slow the pugging as required. In turn, perfect deaired material easily extruded through the VPM-60MCE.

On Wheels: The VPM-60MCE comes with 8" diameter wheels and front casters. It is easily transported for cleaning and storage.

High Quality, Heavy Duty Drive: The industrial rated electric motor, close coupled to a gear reduction transmission, is the highest quality gear drive system available. Overload protection is provided in the magnetic motor starter.

Large Hopper: The over-sized hopper door allows for easy loading of large shavings, scrap, and trimmings.

Pugmill Output: Switch to PUG after a batch is completely mixed, and the VPM-60MCE unloads itself in the form of 3 1/2" diameter logs.

Work Surface: The motor, gear drive and vacuum pump are enclosed for protection and cleanliness. This creates a durable work surface for operator convenience while loading and unloading.

Vacuum Deaired: The entire batch can be thoroughly deaired by starting the vacuum pump when the load is being mixed. Air is removed during the last stage of mixing, leaving an air-free, high quality product when extruded.

Temperature Controlled Chambers: Materials can be stored indefinitely inside the machine. The barrel and nozzle chambers are temperature controlled to maintain warm material. The temperature controls for the nozzle and barrel chambers are factory set to the specific materials being recycled to provide consistent results. Minimum temperature settings have been incorporated into the controls to provide protection against cold batch starts. In turn, the machine will begin reclaiming only when the temperature has reached the minimum temperature requirement.

Real Time Readout: The VPM-60MCE comes equipped with an amperage gauge which provides real-time readout of mixing activity. As the material is being mixed, the amperage gauge will provide the amps being pulled based on the motor demand. Once the gauge reaches the desired amp level, the material is ready for the deairing and extruding process.

The VPM-60MCE Controller With Nozzle and Barrel Heater Controls


Large Feeding Hopper: An optional hopper for accepting loose materials can be incorporated into the design. This allows the machine to work as a continuous feeding, heating and extruding system.

Auto Cutting System: The auto cutting system can be used to maintain specific lengths and configurations as the material is being extruded from the machine. The cutting system has variable speed control that works independently from the speed of the pugmill to allow for "on-the-fly" length adjustment.


VPM-60MCE The Ultimate Pugmill