What People Say About Our Pugger-Mixer

Doug Browe, Jan Hoyman

"I'm not a potter who purchases many tools, but this little workhorse has changed our studio.
It not only recycles all our scraps, but has the added bonus of making test batches of the wild local clay we are experimenting with in our woodfire kilns."
-Doug Browe, Hoyman/Browe Studio, Ukiah, CA

What a joy to take scraps of clay from the local college... (any unfired condition) throw them in the large hopper, push start, and let this amazing machine do the work. Minutes later, my 'free' deaired clay is ready for pugging and throwing. Now, how easy is that?? Primarily my job is helping my daughter run her large holiday cottage business so the time I have available in my studio is limited and valuable. My new best friend not only saves me time but money as well....What time I do have is spent creat-ing instead of preparing. So, thank you all very much for your quick and well expedited handling of my order. -Wendy Neilson,
MapleLeaf Middlewick Holiday Cottages, Glastonbury, Sumerset UK

MapleLeaf Cottages

"With a detailed user guide and some excellent phone support, I was quickly up and running with my new VPM-9 today. It was simply amazing! I had perfect results on my very first batch. I pugged five large bins of reclaimed clay from the wheel and some other dry scrap, mixing together two clay bodies to a PERFECT moisture content for my next throwing session. This is real 'water into wine' stuff!
I now can recycle hundreds of pounds of reclaimed clay in my studio. Bins be gone! I'll have room to walk again! The worst job in the pottery just became the best (next to throwing). It's actually relaxing and fun to take too-wet clay and too-dry clay and make too-perfect clay! Thanks to everyone at Peter Pugger! You guys are going to sell a kabillion of these!"
- Glenn Roesler, Ivy Creek Stoneware, Indianapolis, IN

"This is a fantastic product. Every studio should have one!"
- Lori Sullivan, Biggins Pottery, Cedaredge, CO

"We really like this one!! My first thought was that the auto shutoff mechanism would never be effective. But, I can't believe how much having that feature has relieved stress and fear of injury from my life. Since I work with nearly 100 students per day in the pottery studio, I had gotten to where I was the only person allowed to turn on the old pugmill. I can't say enough great things about our Peter Pugger. Its capacity and speed are just what I need at the beginning and end of classes."
-Joe Capistrant, Jefferson Senior High School, Alexandria, MN

"I've been in the pottery business for 23 years and have been exposed to just about every kind of mixer and pugmill that is on the market. There is some real useless but expensive junk out there. Most of it creates more work than it saves. Your pugger-mixers, however, are the exception. They actually take the work out of clay preparation. I am a real stickler for quality tools and machinery - I only use the best. I would recommend your machines to anyone. They are extremely well-built and a real bargain for your dollars, especially compared to the alternatives."
-M.L. Swan, Swan's Pottery, Utica, OK

"The Pugger is one of the best investments I've made for the classroom. My students actually prefer to throw pugged clay as they love the texture and don't have to wedge it."
-Shirley Huft, Montgomery High School, Santa Rosa, CA
Peter Pugger at work in high school

"The pugger works wonderfully. I'm so pleased I could dance. A great machine, and your service group is top notch. Buy them all a drink for the superb job they're doing."
-Bob Kurkowski, Creative Arts Studio, Fargo, ND

"My Peter Pugger has been a body-saver for me. The Peter Pugger will help me stay a potter into ancient old age."
-Libby Berezin, Soldotna, AK

"I have been extremely happy with the VPM-30 Power Wedger. It has saved me countless hours of labor intensive wedging."
-Reuben Torres, Saint Charles, MN

"We have been pleased with our pugger and have recommended it highly to other potters. It's sure resolved wrist and back problems."
-T. Grammas, Mudbug Pottery, Lyn Haven, FL

"I love it!  I have recommended the product numerous times. I often say if I were to have only one piece of equipment in my studio, it would be the Peter Pugger."
-Tom Sawyer, Orlando, FL
Peter Pugger pugger-mixer in an artist's studio.

"I am a proud owner of a fine machine 'Peter Pugger'. Not enough I can say about your Pugger-Mixer. Load, flip the switch and my best 'little buddy' does the work for me. Now all my time is for turning."
-G. Shafer, Meade Container, Tracy City, TN

"We are very pleased with our pugmill. We cleaned it several weeks ago and found it easy to do."
-John & Dorothy Weber, JoDo Pottery, Manakin-Sabot, VA

"The Peter Pugger is a great machine, a real workhorse. I've owned my Peter Pugger for 15 years, and I'm lazy about maintenance. It just keeps going and going and going and has never failed me."
-Rhonda Cearlock, Vandalia, IL

"We have 18 wheels and about 200 kids at Arrowhead High School. The auto safety switch sold everyone on the Peter Pugger - we swear by it."
-Joel Pfeiffer, Arrowhead High School, Wisconsin

Pugger-Mixer in artist's studio

"My Power Wedger frees up energy used in production and dedicates it to the creative process. It's a phenomenal machine. It does everything I hoped it would do and more. I wish I had three more."
-Terri Lambert
If you are ever in doubt about the quality, durability, or performance of a Peter Pugger, don't take our word for it ask around!

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