Peter Pugger Links

American Ceramics Society
World's leading organization dedicated to the advancement of ceramics, publishing magazines, reference manuals, books and electronic media.

Arts& Activities
Nation's leading art education magazine featuring classroom project ideas, products and news.

Ceramic Industry
> Pottery Production Practices (a special section in Ceramics Industry Magazine). This magazine is the exclusive global voice of ceramic and glass business and manufacturing.

Ceramics Monthly
The world's oldest, most comprehensive and largest international ceramic art periodical.

CERF (Craft Emergency Relief Fund)
Craft Emergency Relief Fund is a nonprofit organization providing immediate support to professional craftspeople suffering career-threatening emergencies.

Clay Times
Magazine designed to inform ceramic enthusiasts of the latest developments in the clay world while providing useful information and techniques, book and video reviews.

Hoyman-Browe Studio
Elegant, hand-crafted earthenware pottery also showcasing woodfired and wild clay pieces.

Studio Potter Network News
A nonprofit organization publishing a professional journal focusing on critical issues of aesthetics, technology, history and personal development and a newsletter forum for potters to share ideas and experiences.

School Arts Magazine
Inspiring creativity in teaching since 1901.